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Alaska photo safari

We are the leading authority when it comes to guided wildlife photography adventures in Alaska's last true frontier, Prince William Sound!  Due to its remoteness, this vast untapped wilderness habitat is home to the nation's 2nd largest national forest and the largest contiguous wetland area on the west coast.  Chugach National Forest spans over 5.9 million acres with many areas still waiting to be discovered.  Let us show you why Prince William Sound is continually chosen by experts in their field as the backdrop for epic wildlife encounters and one of a kind nature scenery.  We've helped outdoor professional photographers and national geographic film productions capture amazing intimate moments, in an unspoiled environment.   Keep plenty of memory cards handy, because you'll be filling up quickly on these unique photo adventures!

Prince William Sound is highly regarded by locals in Alaska as their own personal "secret playground".  Its reputation is quickly becoming known as the best area to witness a multitude of diverse wildlife and eco-systems that's easily accessible to find all in one day.  And at the heart of this vast wonderland is Ravencroft Lodge, where you'll find the best accommodations Prince William Sound has to offer with access to migrating animals seen from lodge decks that overlook Port Fidalgo.  Naturalists will love hiking through the true wilds of Alaska on the lodges expansive private 240 acres, surrounded by snowcapped mountains!  With years of experience guiding, let us show you an unforgettable land and sea photo adventure with shoreside excursions teeming with sea life and land tours that showcase massive bears feeding on endless salmon runs.  Ravencroft offers to distinct tours.  One as a land and sea combination tour that takes an emphasis on Alaska's largest animals, both bears and whales. But don't worry, you'll also see many other animals like otters, sea lions, eagles and many more.  Take a look at our gallery to gain a better idea of what to expect to capture with your lens.  But for those that want the ultimate photo adventure, the lodge offers an ultra tour to see mountain goats and bears with incredible backgrounds of glaciers, endless vista's and magical ice caves.  This is all possible by transportation via Vertical Solutions Helicopters and its fleet of extremely safe and tremedously knowledgeable staff that will take you to places never traversed by humans!

Ravencroft is ideally located where annual salmon and herring migrations happen in Prince William Sound.  Serving as an incredible home base when animals start bustling under a mid-night sun during the summer to feed on whats seems as an endless buffet.  Built by Boone Hodgin and his father in 2004, this lodge has all the amenities you wouldn't expect to find at a lodge carved in the remote wilds of Alaska and is setup for small to large groups in mind.  24 hour electicity, heated rooms, running water, hearty home-style cooked meals are just a few things that will make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.  You'll also find vessels equipped with state of the art electronics, safety gear, heat and bathrooms.  Shoreside excursions are provided by comfortable 18' skiffs at the end of the day from the lodge.  With plenty of activities for the most energitic traveler with kayaks, paddleboard, snorkeling and hiking on lodge trails.  Ravencroft Lodge is surrounded by beautiful landscapes that include ocean and moutain views from the front of the property, with guest accomodations built into the rainforest.  At Ravencroft, don't be surprised if your overcome with an intense appreciation of getting back in touch with nature!  It truly is a land of awe-inspiring beauty.

map of photo tours in Alaska