Alaskan activities 

Snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding and fishing in Alaska

There are an array of activities to keep you busy while at the lodge.  Guests can choose to take advantage of kayaks, paddleboards, hiking to enjoy loking for bears, eagles and otters.  Photographers will find that Alaska's diverse scenery and wildlife above water will fill memory cards in a snap, but below the water can equally be impressive.  For those brave souls that can swim, guests can partake in water adventures by snorkeling in freshwater streams with salmon, along the beach and with massive jelly blooms. 


freshwater salmon snorkeling & topside Photo

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salmon stream in alaska   alaska photographers at salmon stream

Snorkeling in Alaska is a great way to see the aquatic diversity in its most natural state.  There are large numbers of brilliantly and beautifuly displayed creatures that live in and around the tidal zones.  Freshwater creeks and streams that funnel into local coves provide clear water to film and shoot schools of salmon as they migrate to the head of the streams.  Remember to make small movements around salmon though.  They are use to being at the bottom of the food chain and spook easily.  From the moment they are born, Dolly Varden Trout snap up salmon eggs.  In the open ocean, all manner of creatures are chomping to make them the next meal.  Even as they travel up stream during their last days and weeks, eagles and bears are lying in wait. 

moon jellyfish blooms

Every summer there is an explosion of moon jellyfish blooms in Prince William Sound!  Both divers and snorklers can swim in these vast migrations.  There are but a handful of area's in the world where jellyfish do this and Alaska is one! 

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beach snorkeling

Snorkel the surrounding area close to the lodge.  There are many interesting animals to see just within the beachline.  We also have kayaks and paddleboards available to use in the evening.  Water is relatively calm and a sunset paddle may be just what you need to wind down at the end of the day.
alaska snorkeling group sara altenburg dorseth snorkeler getting wet in alaska alaska snorkeler diving in alaska waters alaska snorkeler with sea cucumber   

paddleboarding & Kayaking

The water around the lodge is normally quite calm thoughout the day and almost always flat in the evenings.  This allows folks that still have some energy to try their hand at paddleboarding or kayaking to a nearby cove and just get back to nature with no engines, no sounds.  Just mother nature and the serene environment that Alaska critterof all shapes and sizes call home.
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stand up paddleboarding   paddleboarding in valdez, alaska

wilderness hiking on lodges private 240 acres

Guests can hike the lodge's private land that extends from the beach, all the way to the top of the mountain.  There are endless views at the top with the largest mountain in Port Fidalgo directly across from the lodge.  Hiking can vary to easy beachcombing, to moderate inclines when reaching the summit behind the lodge.  But be wary that you are in the wilderness and that bears are never far.  So make sure to let the staff now if you decide to take an evening hike and bring bear spray for precaution.
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lodge dock fishing

For those that want to take some fish home.  Fishing rods are available to use off the lodges floating dock with lures for sale at the lodge.  This is a do-it-yourself adventure with catch and release as the goal.  But if you'd like to keep your fish and take it home, we provide a service to clean, pack and freeze your catch at $25/hour and $30 per 50# fish box.  Ask for more details.
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